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Over the years, Watch Trend and Trading has become a port for many stylish watches , fashionable watches and trendy watches. Here, in our vast and diverse collection, you will find all types of watches, ranging from fashionable to stylish watch brands Our watches also provide a take on classic and modern designs.

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Classic Sheffield

With leather darker than the deepest parts of the ocean, the Classic Sheffield was carefully designed to stand the test of time while maintaining its effortless beauty. This minimalistic piece proves that simple does not necessarily mean boring.

Price : $180

ultra thin

Classic Bristol

The Classic Collection, recognized for its clean lines and simple design, was created with modern gentlemen and ladies in mind. With a minimalistic dial and a perfectly dark brown band, this timepiece looks effortlessly elegant. Dressed up or dressed down, this beautiful watch will stand out in any crowd.

Price : $190


Dapper Durham

The Dapper Durham is an exquisite time-capsule that reflects your own personal story of adventures undertaken and magical moments gone by. With an eggshell white dial and a strap made from genuine American leather, the Classic Durham is the choice for the real connoisseur.

Price : $220


Classy Glasgow

With a case size of just 26mm, this is the most minimalistic collection of watches by Daniel Wellington. The slim dial, flawless band, simple design and exclusive Swarovski crystals makes it a timepiece that oozes classy femininity. This is a beautiful watch that celebrates the timeless and elegant nautical spirit, capturing the essence of a summer by the ocean.

Price : $180