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Watch Trend & Trading was founded in 1997 and since then has provided unique timepieces and services to customers throughout the nation. Today, the company has operated over a long history of 19 years and has established a reputation for its great services and prices. To date, Watch Trend & Trading has established relations with pretigious watch brands, offering more than 20 watch brands.

Watch Trend & Trading is operated and founded by Mr Ang Hong Seng. His wife, Mrs Dawn Tang is an operating manager of the company's outlets. Prior to Mr Ang’s company establishment, he was operating a rental store selling second hand watches. It was his ambition to expand his business and to end his hardship that made him work hard to establish a company and open his first personal retail outlet. Watch Trend & Trading has expanded since then, now with 3 total outlets in the West Region of Singapore.

Watch Trend & Trading prides itself on the premise that its company provides quality service and authentic watches.Our customers suggests that our staff are friendly and we are open to price bargains.

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